Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Marni's Spring/Summer 2011 Men's was the epitone of excellent-ness + organsmic-ness + wonderfulness. It was magic. Every outfit is what I want to wear right now. I love the subtle details, use of color blocking and playing with porportion. I love the mid-driff cut off shirts, but instead of just showing the abs beer gut, it is covered by layering, or a color blocking technique. Love how the trousers are cut, just right above the ankle, and not like me, having to roll up all the hems of my trousers every morning like a d-bag. So I guess oversized, over-length shirts are in now, I have a whole bunch of those from Value Ville, and was planning to alter them myself when I have time, now I guess I don't have to, just need to find a way to layer them. 

Loved this collection, no wonder I named my puppy Marni.

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