Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the prada magic is back

47 covers, 47!
I wasn't too in love with this collection back in September when it debuted on the runway. But after seeing the collection in person, touching the fabric and actually absorbing the details and all the carefully planned seams, this collection suddenly became genius, just like all other Prada collections. This is far from being Miuccia's best collection, nor is it the worst, but there is a certain charm in there that previous collections did not have. The awkward, almost ridiculous monkey and banana prints, or the strange color combinations that seem to work so well on the Jil Sander runway, but not so well when on Prada, all seem to fall in place after a while. This is the kind of collection that takes a while to sink into your heart and slowly eat it away. The clothes look amazing in print and in person. And only Prada could make a fur stole an it-item for spring/summer. Picked up a fantasy lookbook at the Prada on Rodeo Drive. Loved the images and the juxtaposition of the collection. 

Now, looking back at the complete runway show, it seemed more perfect than ever, from the models' make up, to the accesories, to the location, and the clothes. Everything seem to just be perfectly where they're supposed to be, with nothing out of place. Prada made awkward and peculiar cool again. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

light sources

sketching away in my own little world

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

miss laine

Super amazing fashion illustrations by Finnish fashion illustrator Laura Laine. This editorial was done for MUSE. What a creative way to incorporate illustration into fashion product shoots that are boring most of the time. Love the super delicate and feminine drawings.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

paul smith fw11

Paul Smith's collection was sort of disappointing. I expected more. I only liked the first five looks or so, which are the ones posted above with the random khaki/tan pieces thrown in. The rest of the collection was very generic and kind of streetwear. It seemed like stuffs you could get at Zara/H&M right now, and just re-styled. But I do LOVE the first blue chambray unfinished shirt in the first look.

Monday, January 17, 2011

moschino fw2011

This was a very all-over-the-place collection. While there were some obviously nice pieces that would be great additions to anyone's wardrobe, I thought the collection as a whole was rather strange. The inspiration was incorporated really nicely into some looks, taken WAY too literally in some looks to the point that the models were simply like soccer players, and some looks did not even tie in with the collection like that last look that I posted, which, ironically, was my favorite look of the entire collection. I loved the layerings though, and the footprint suit was a clever idea, but other than that, this collection was quite mediocore. I really didn't get the point of having the models holding footballs while walking down the runway, like why?

d&g fw2011

Loved this collection. So right for the client. So young, so full of energy, so colorful. I love how they incoporated Mickey Mouse (again!) and Coca Cola. It's indeed very refreshing from all the tailored, more "serious" collections from Milan. This collection is perfect for the younger market. And I do agree that none of these clothes are any special, and nothing is really original or new, and most of these looks are just amazing simply because of styling, and one could probably get something very similar at any fast fashion retailers, but nonetheless, it is still a brilliant collection. And seeing how they styled these looks, it makes me want to dress like this immediately, it's like the "cool kids."
And once again, I NEED those dropped crotch trousers. And the entire look 3 please.

gucci fw2011

This Gucci mens' collection is again, utmost luxury with the abundance of fur and exquisite tailoring. Love the purple/brown color block angora?mohair? sweater in look 1. Stronly disliked the flared velvet trousers, so not appealing. The overall color palette is gorgeous though. I love the pale pink with grey look, very vintagey and chic.