Tuesday, June 22, 2010


from left: Emanuel Ungaro // Balenciaga // Hugo Boss

from left: Valentino // Hugo Boss // Christian Dior // Versace // Christian Dior

Found a selection of ties when I went out thrifting over the last weekend. It's usually hard to find nice ties here as most ties that end up in thrift shops are wide ties, and they're not my style at all. I like narrow ties that are easily tied into a half windsor. I especially love the Balenciaga one, it is adorable and the color is amazing. The Christian Dior one in the center of the seond picture has a monogrammed logo at the tip of the tie, I saw a similar one at Holt Renfrew in blue that retailed for $250. I got mine for $4.99. The Versace one is brand new with the tags and package still intact, I was thinking of selling it but I know I'd regret it somewhere along the path. 

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