Friday, June 11, 2010


Christian Dior Creme & White Gingham Shirt

Christian Dior Paris Collection Off-White with Black Stripes Shirt

Christian Dior Chemise Black & White Checkered Shirt

Christian Dior Mustard Yellow Shirt

Christian Dior Army Green Shirt

Christian Dior Dark Powder Blue Shirt

Christian Dior Monsieur Light Sky Blue Four Pockets with Pleated Panels Shirt 

Christian Dior Monsieur Red & Navy Striped Shirt

These are my Christian Dior thrifted shirts. I love the fit of Dior shirts, they are usually taken in a bit at the waist, however, the back hems are usually really long, and they look horrible when not tucked. So these shirts are mainly used as my layering pieces now. The cotton are so soft, almost like a cashmere blend. I especially love the light sky blue shirt with the four pockets, very unconventional, yet so elegant. But somehow, I just don't have the chance to wear that one yet. I also love the "dior" monogram on the left chest pocket. The solid color ones are perfect for layering. 
And the most exciting thing is that I got each of these shirts for under $10.

Life is amazing.

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