Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hare Oversized Black Vest // H&M BlackBook FaceLift Grey Tshirt // Uni Qlo Military Green Cargo Shorts // Mercibeaucoup, Silver Sequin Star Pin // Hare Metal Ball Necklace // Marc Jacobs Skull Necklace // Urban Outfitters Creme Boatshoes 

Went out today to a nearby town, bought some organic fruits and yogurt. My current obsession is plain yogurt + jam + frosty flake + banana + oatmeal cereal + almond, seriously it's the best thing ever. I eat it every morning now.

Also bought this pair of Polo Ralph Lauren slip ons at Winners for only $34, speaking of a good deal! And it's super hard to find nice shoes in my size, so I was rather delighted. Can't wait for tomorrow, I will bring home the biggest haul ever, I hope.

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