Sunday, May 16, 2010


Went to the Vancouver Flea Market for the first time today, and I lived in Vancouver for the past ten years. But honestly, it was extremely disappointing. Maybe I should've went when there is an "antique show," because all I saw today were FAKE Gucci/Coach/Chanel/LV/YouGetTheFlow, Crappily Made Ed Hardy and True Religions that were tacky to the max that made me roll my eyes till I strained a few eye muscles, just CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, there was even a stand that sold just screws, like, who would need to go to a flea market to purchase some rusty screws. I did, however, stumbled across one cool stand that sold vintage photographs, postcards, and other paper products. However, did not have enough time to look around because the stand owner did not seem like he wanted to do business, so I just picked up these two mesmerizing vintage photographs for $1.

It really makes me wonder what they were thinking while having their pictures taken, would they have thought that their photograph would end up in a flea market, and now on my shelf?

Went to Stepho's for dinner, the wait was again horrible, we waited 60 minutes for a table. But again, it's Stepho's, cheap and delicious, so it was worth the wait. I can't help but notice how ugly their tablecloth is. 

Also stopped at H&M to pick up a blackbook project t-shirt, there were a couple that I liked, but I rarely wear t-shirts, so I spent around 30 minutes picking out the one that I really really liked. This Face Lift T-shirt is so witty. Love it.

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