Monday, April 26, 2010

work that

Work that! Strutted down the aisle of Hastings Value Village yesterday with Douglas. It was my first time checking out the store, and I was just casually looking because after my YSL/ERMENEGILDOZEGNA/MISSONI haul a few weeks back at the Burnaby Value Village, I thought I would never have that luck to hit the jackpot again. But boy was I wrong, I spotted this Burberry trench coat in navy hanging among the usual London Fogs/Aquascutum/NONAMEbrands. I was like ZOMG LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND. And I immediately picked it up and examined the label. Made in England. Check. Authentic Material/Wash Tag. Check. Serial Number. Check. Nicely tailored lining and self. Check. Its AUTHENTIC. Then along with the Nina Ricci black shirt and the Christian Dior Scarlette/Black shirt I found, I took these items to the counter with a huge ass smile showcasing my new braces ala BERRY SUAREZ (speaking of which, totally misses the bitches Amanda et Marc) The trench coat I found happened to not have a tag on there, which is really common in the store. So I asked the clerk how much it was, she picked up the phone and asked the manager to do a price check. The manager came and took a look at this soon-to-be-my-baby and said "BURRR- BERRY? That sounds pretty nice, how about $12.99?"

Seriously. God bless fashionably uneducated naive managers at Value Village. You just made my year!

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