Friday, April 23, 2010


It seems like everyone is so focused and so on their track doing what they're doing. Just a feeling of nostalgia is always lingering on the mind. Like Pandora's box unlocked or something, just a feeling of uneasiness about. Just nothing seems right, everything seems kind of there but not really there. Head is at a constant trimpy mode. One day the sun is shining and twenty four hours later it's pouring like there's no tomorrow. I guess it's time to take out my umbrella, but by the time I actually locate my umbrella, it stops raining. And I happily prance out and find that it will be pouring on my head just a mere few hours later. They say life is full of surprises. Jigsaw puzzles in my head all day long. Basics in my heads all day long, I want to buy an old note pad to jot these ideas down and pretend that I am one of those important people that actually matters. Even if its not true, I can still act the part, right? Like the kind of people that orders a venti americano at starbucks with no sugar, and always get a window seat, with their blackberry sitting on the table, vibrating every now and then to demonstrate just how important they are. Oh, and the huge ass shades that's on the table, and a old note pad, where they jot down whatever that matters to them on a pile of alternative fashion magazines. Vogue is too bland for them. And their vintage bag is lounging like its the next cool thing in town. 

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