Monday, March 22, 2010

I’ve come too far to forget

Look - Alexander Wang Oversized Knitted Sweater // H&M Grey Cardigan with Zigzag detailings // BDG black deep-v tshirt // Moschino LOVE black skinny jeans // Worn in Black Boots from Urban Outfitters // Gold Diamond Trump Card Necklace // Versace Glasses

I went thrifting today. Found some bad-ass stuffs. As usual, I just quickly schemed through the guys' suits and shirts section but did not really find anything interesting. Then I moved on to the outerwear section, and there it was, a Christian Dior Summer Overcoat. I died. It was amazing, beige, under $30, looks brand new, and CHRISTIAN DIOR! I've found my Spring coat! Also bought two other cardis, one is deep beige with leather trims and the other is a double-breasted inspired cardigan with a black/white folk-ish print. Also picked up this awesome belt.


The Christian Dior Spring Overcoat. It is 100% cotton and the lining is this gorgeous plaid in 100% cotton as well. Its a size 40, which fits me perfectly. My heart literally stopped when I found this among the usual London Fogs and crappy thrifty clothes. Gem in the stone, anyone?

The greyish-black cardigan with a folklore-ish pattern on the lapel. I love the double breasted details. This was $5 CDN, couldn't pass on it!

The other cardigan that I got today. I love the treatment of the trims playing with a striped effect. I also love the suede front panels. This was $6.49 CDN.

The belt that I got today. At first, I thought it was just a really worn old belt, so I just kind of looked at it. I picked it up and saw the brand, Claudio Orcani, I had no clue who this was, but I quickly google the name on my iPhone and discovered that this was actually a luxury brand from Italy. Like wow, then I looked at the belt again, and it was done like that deliberately, and it was hand-made in Italy, and it was my size! The belt was $5.99 CDN.

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  1. I cannot believe you found that coat. It is beyond fabulous. I think the sweaters are very lovely too. Such a classic vintage feel to them.