Monday, December 7, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela // Versace // Michael Kors // Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2010

Maison Martin Margiela

There were only like four pictures up at so I only picked the two that I liked better.
The scarf on the left image is a must. I want one myself, or more likely, I will make one! And the trench coat on the right gives me a fashion orgasm! Deconstruction at its best. It is so stunning, so avant garde and so Maison Martin Margiela! 

Can't wait to see more!


Tackiness at its best. My dear! What was Donatella Versace smoking when she created that orange dress. Orange is one of the most horrible color to appear on a garment. And these looks are not even sexy nor sophisticated, which are pretty much the "staple signatures" of Versace. They are just tacky. Like tacky in a "hot pink with fake purple dress" way. Oh, and let's not start about the shiny pleather.

I guess these two looks are okay. But I don't really see Versace in them. The right outfit is really Balmain to me. With the studs and the shoulders and the leggings! BALMAIN! The skirt on the left outfit is really interesting, but again, it is not very Versace.

I want to like these two looks, but something is just off. Again, ORANGE! The print dress on the right is lovely, but its a tad bit too childish and cheerful for Versace. I always picture the Versace woman as a strong and edgy woman who wears these dresses to kill seduce some men at the office dinner or at a local lounge bar.

However, I do appreciate the fact that Donatella Versace is thinking outside the box. Just not quite there yet! But I am definitely looking forward to FW2010!

Michael Kors

After looking at these looks, all I could say was "WTF!" Like these are so unoriginal. Project Runway contestants do a way better job than this, and this is the man who is judging them? Like seriously, I do not see anything special about this collection at all.

Until I saw this....

I wanted to cringe. This is so WALMART!

Giorgio Armani

Yes, this is Giorgio Armani and Yes, this is the Armani woman. But excuse me for a minute. What is up with the hair!? An updo would boost the overall image so much more. Bad styling!
Anyways, I have always loved Giorgio Armani suits, they are so modern and chic. I love how these jackets are not paired with skinny jeans like every other collections out there. However, I do not understand those "short culottes" that look like your next door dad's gym shorts that he wears when he mows the lawn. Not good. Not good.

Glam at its best. That coat on the left is amazing. Luxe and elegant. I love the shape of the blazer on the right. It is so interesting, though not exactly "new" and "original" but I seem to have a fondness for clothes in that kind of rounded shapes.

This is the dictionary definition of a Giorgio Armani woman. Sexy, sophisticated, and elegant while remaining a professional poise.

Hope tomorrow's shows are better!
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  1. Maison Martin Margiela - If I'm not mistaken, I recently read about this brand on BOF and something shady was up! I should have paid more attention, now I will have to double check. Apparently he is no longer designing the brand and hasn't been really involved for a while. Check it out.

    Versace - I agree with the colours, the PVC, too. But I adore the booties in all the pictures. Oh, and I do love the very bottom right outfit.

    Michael Kors - ...just no. no, no, no.

    Armani - none of the above appeals to me, I've never really had a great like towards the brand. But, I do adooore the fur coat. love, love, love!

  2. ps - the Maison "scarf" reminds me of the snake in Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas"!