Monday, December 7, 2009

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010

Ah! So it's pre-fall season again. I felt like SS was just yesterday. I love how fast-paced fashion is. Anyway, Alexander Wang is one of my old crushes and his Pre-Fall 2010 collection kind of made me yawn. Though some pieces brightened my eyes as well.


I really like these three looks. I love the tailored mixed with skin-tight pants look. MINUS the open toes though, who wears open toes shoes in the Fall!? The third one kind of reminds me of what Marni did in SS10, the shorts over leggings thing, but whatever, Alexander Wang did it in all black. Oh. And I love how he is using an Asian model, in this case, Liu Wen.

Shorts over leggings again, I guess this will be the new trend next year? And as much as I hate open toe shoes, the heels in the right image is fierce. I love the one shouldered sweater in the left image. Wang can never do wrong when making sweaters! He is like the sweater person!

Two variations of LBDs. The left one is chic and simple, pretty much a wardrobe staple, but really, nothing new. The right one, I like the mesh and the kind of "vest" look it has going on.


This is horrible, after Leona Lewis has worn this practically EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING, this thing is getting on my nerves. I think it is so ugly. Seriously. Please, I do not want to see anyone wearing this (like I will, I'm living in VANCOUVER!) *laughs at myself*
Anyways... The hem part of the white shirt, however, is very interesting.

Talk about unflattering, enough said.

This just makes me think of skiiers shopping from Sport Check. Not a good thing.

I want to like this, but the shorts on leggings thing is kind of getting old. I think the mini jumpsuit would look a lot better without the leggings. If you are afraid of the cold, why not just wear a pair of pants. Why bother the fuss to wear leggings and then shorts over it, especially when it's in the same color. I am confused.

The pants look weird.

Anyways, this pre-fall collection is all black, with like two white pieces!? I hope Alexander Wang could use some other colors! Like GREY! But yeah, out of the 5 or 6 pre-fall images I've seen so far, this is the best. However, the best Alexander Wang shows for me are still SS2009 and FW2008. Like, they were mesmerizing. Now, these are just kind of, "I think I like it, but something is wrong about it."

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