Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winner's my new best friend.

Oh, the joy when the package comes!
It's pretty amazing, ordering online, cheaper and free shipping and comes within a week.
The books I got from are like at least $10 cheaper than Chapters, like each one of them. It's insane.
Anyway, I am now on again, browsing and clicking away and looking for my newest babies.

What I ordered last time. The Satoralist is a book that I have always wanted. Just felt like it will be an inspiring read. Bringing Home the Birkin was so witty and so smart, I finished it in two nights, and now its laying peacefully on my bookshelf. Loved the book, Loved the story and Loved the Ups and Downs it brought me through. It really made me think, "Was all these really necessary? A birkin? A Croc? Who cares.."

But nonetheless, I still want to get a 40cm Black (any leather) Birkin with Silver hardware before I turn 30. Its a long time goal for myself!

And the third book, Digital Fashion Illustration for Fashion Designers, I bought it hoping it would teach me something new about drawing flats, but it didn't. So I was kind of disappointed. I guess this is the downside to buying books online, you can't really see the content.

Anyway, so lately, I have developed a rather fondness for Winners. Before, I used to think that Winners was a cheap and trashy bargain store, but ever since I got my JPG jeans at Winners in January, my mind about this store has totally changed. Winners blew me away when I visited the Park Royal location last Sunday, they carried MARNI!


My jaw literally stayed open as I fondled with the dresses and skirts they had there.
Again! MARNI! O-M-G! Marni in Vancouver, that is ridiculous, I haven't seen Marni in Holt Renfrew! It is kind of ironic, how Winners carry better clothes than Holt Renfrew. And each Marni dress retailed for about 899 each, which is a bargain!
Oh! And there were a bunch of Valentino LBDs, Emilio Pucci dresses and some other brands here and there.
For men, there were lots of Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, you know, the usual. But my eyes widened when I found a Karl Lagerfeld trouser and white shirt. Like seriously? Karl Lagerfeld hidden in between Point Zero and Adidas, I nearly shedded a tear! But unfortunately, they were not my size, or I would've bought it! The trousers were like $120, and the shirt was like $110. I, however, did score a pair of Alexander McQueen jeans. YAY ME!
Oh! and there were some Costume National blazers and a couple of Valentino suits. All for under $1000. It's ridiculous. Like seriously. Winners?

So today, I decided to try my luck at another Winner's location which my aunt is working at (employee's discount = 20% off, not much, but better than nothing). So I walked in, it's like the usual Winner's. Messy, check. Crowded with unfashionable housewives, check. Mounds and mounds of clothing on the floor, check. Seriously, it's more fun than hunting in a vintage store!
So I found this pair of Calvin Klein 100% Wool Trousers for only $39 cdn, like SERIOUSLY? Tried it on, it's a tad bit tight, but I bought it anyways! So now, I am officially on a diet.

(excuse the bad picture!)

Also, found a Buffalo trench coat in wool for $52, but didn't get it because it was a tad bit too big, I don't like jackets that fit bigger.
Then I ventured into the undergarments section, hoping to find some stuffs. There they were, hidden in the pile of boxers and briefs, I found two pair of Calvin Klein 365 boxers and a pair of ____ (I don't know what brand it is, but they were hot pink) briefs. They were $8 each. Cheaper than Old Navy and Gap. Grabbed them, and paid for them.

It's hard for even myself to believe what I am about to say, but Winner's is now one of my "usual" shopping locations alongside H&M, like WTF!?

Oh! And received this Issay Miyake L'eau de Toilette set from bb earlier this week. I love the scent, and I love how long lasting it is. Thank you! And now, I have something else to put on other than my "overused" Terre des Hermes.

And now, I want to go back to Winner's again!


  1. Thanks for posting about my (pic too- nice!).
    So pleased that you liked it...thanks for reading.
    be well!
    michael tonello~

  2. Wow..
    This is so strange in a "makes me smile" way.
    I just finished the book, and now the author is commenting on my blog!

    Can't wait till your second book comes out!