Sunday, November 29, 2009

forlorn ecstasy

So yesterday was my first official photoshoot to showcase what I've done so far in my short sewing career. 6 months ago, I did not know what a bobbin case was, and now, I am making skirts and dresses on a regular basis. It's quite amusing. Anyway, the model was Janice, with heels, she was taller than me, and I am 6'1, so that was pretty scary. She had no modeling experience prior to this, she's actually my co-worker at a tutoring centre. Anyway, so after work, we just went into M.A.C. and asked the ladies there if she could do the make up for us. And she did for free! That was nice. I was originally scheduling for an outdoor set shoot, but the weather was horrible, so we decided to just stay inside and shoot at SFU. I rented one of those humongous set lights where the lightbulb was bigger than my face. It does wonders!

Then we put Janice into her outfits. I was the photographer, stylist, and model coach. It was fun!

A'int she fierce?
Oh! And I edited all the images and laid them out in a magazine editorial format because I am going to use the images from this photoshoot for my Concepts & Trends assignment.

Oh! The diversity! I love diversity. She is this sophisticated coffee sipping girl with a classic Chanel bag in the left image and BAM! in the right image, she becomes this hobo chic glam chic who lives in Tokyo.

Spin! Jump! Smile like a little girl!
Those were my instructions to her, and she did it, naturally! Unlike those super cheesy covergirl smiles!
Oh, by the way, we played Leona Lewis while shooting!

These two are my favorite shots from the shoot. They're so young, so fun, so full of energy! I love how I styled this set too! That mini jacket turned out so well!

Back to sexy again! This zebra print skirt was the first full-size garment that I made in my life. And I still love it.

Oooohh... fashion is in my blood.
And my blood is green.

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