Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So this group project has finally ended. The duration was this, I suppose was dreadful. I love the idea of this project, putting people into teams, assign a theme, and have the team come up with a cohesive collection of day dresses. Though there were complaints about this project, even by me, but now, just looking back, I believe I was prejudiced, which, in this, has taught me a lesson, "Not to just label people from what you've heard," simple, but still, it happens. My team was two teams clashed together. I would very much prefer the old team formation as it was just me and another classmate who does not seem to have a problem to cooperate. But as our team got merged in with another team which contained a classmate that I have trouble working with - or everyone has trouble working with. I believe being a team player is extremely important and I try my hardest to be a team player but I also need to keep my own "priorities" in eyes, in this case, my grades. I do not want to sacrifice my 4.0 GPA just because a fellow classmate wants to do it that way. Communication is key. And when a team member refuses to communicate and believe only what she says is right, then the communication and the working environment will become unbearable. Giving attitude when things do not go her way, calling people stupid in a "nicer way," judging other people's designs and acting like a know-it-all, getting all frustrate just because something does not work out and not try to solve the problem, blaming "time" when a grade is not pleasant, I call it childish. And for the record, if you are not going to be nice, I will not be nice. But I won't be a rude person and say that no women will wear your dress but a prostitute.

Overall, I learned quite a lot from this project.
But mostly on the "how to be a nice person" part instead of the design/construction field.

Now, on to the evening dress project.
I am so glad that it is not a group project!

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