Monday, September 13, 2010

denier & manera spring/summer 2011 - the lambent entranda

It's been a few weeks after the show and I finally have the time to sit down and actually look back at the entire experience closely. Thanks to all the photographers (those that I know and those that I do not know) that posted on their blogs or facebook. I've right clicked on a lot of the images, and if you happen to see this and not want me to use your images, let me know and I'll take them down. Overall, I was quite proud with myself considering this was my first fashion show. I would've wanted to spend a lot more time on actually making the clothes rather than just sitting there in front of my sewing machine just day-dreaming about the future and whatsoever.
I was inspired by the architectures of Ando Tadao, the lines and shapes of his architectures are a big part of the fundamental elements for this collection. I always knew that I wanted to design clothes that are visually interesting and have an air of avant garde but still wearable and easily incoporated into people's already-existing closet. So this is my first ever collection of 14 looks. All items of clothing are made by me. All accesories and shoes (some were models' own) were purchased in Value Village.

Look 1 - Charlotte
beige assymetrical cut-out silk top with black binding // oak harem pants with suede back pockets

Look 2 - Diana
black silk blend tank with beige/creme binding // creme multi layered silk chiffon gathered skirt

Look 3 - Amrita
creme assymetrical loose-fitting silk blend jacket with black binding // olive green tank with suede pocket // brown gathered boy-cut culottes with uneven suede back pockets

Look 4 - Mihola
black crumpled polyester off-shoulder top // grey silk blend gathered skirt // grey silk wrap

Look 5 - Dakota
creme wool triangle hooded vest jacket // navy fitted drop-crotched trousers

Look 6 - Jade
brown slip-on silk circle jacket with exposed zipper // black silk pleated tee // pistacho fitted linen shorts with gathered waist details

Look 7 - Sascha
creme tropical wool vest // creme silk chiffon & silk multi layered tank // black dropped crotch trousers with side suede pockets

Look 8 - Amy
grey suede vest with peach silk chiffon back // creme & olive panelled tank // multi-colored multi layered pleated skirt

Look 9 - Natalie
peach knitted-back linen and grey suede cropped tee // creme tropical wool short-shorts

Look 10 - Susan
creme knitted oversized vest // creme polka dotted deep-u silk vest // creme & taro pleated cropped top // creme beige multi layered gathered skirt

Look 11 - Emily
blue-creme ombre draped vest // peach knit-back linen tank with suede pocket // multi-layered silk gathered skirt

Look 12 - Stephanie
peach-creme ombre crushed chiffon oversized tee-jacket // creme silk tank with suede pocket // fitted olive cuffed shorts

Look 13 - Taryn
light pink silk long vest // multi-layered mint-creme-beige assymetrical gathered tube dress


Look 14 - Sofia
criss-cross mummy dress (bodie - olive linen / skirt - multi-layered peach silk chiffon)

And now, I'm just letting myself to get inspired by things around me and sketching. The second collection is well under way. Can't wait till the next show, I could do this forever.

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