Friday, May 21, 2010


Now that Cycle 14 is officially over, these were my favorite ten photos of the entire competition. This cycle was moderate. Not very good, but not bad either. My favorite cycles to date are still 6 and 10. There were some bad photoshoots this cycle, and a lot of bad shots especially from Brenda, Anslee and Alexandra, but luckily we have Alasia, Krista, Raina and Angelea, who delivered amazing shots, and in my opinion, this should've been the top 4. 

But I just read something on the net and it said that crappy sh*t SEVENTEEN will be replaced by ITALIAN VOGUE in cycle 15. Like SERIOUSLY? Are you kidding me? This would be like the best prize ever. They better find an extremely modelesque girl who is skinny, young, ferocious and gorgeous. 

But it just makes me wonder, why not American Vogue, since this show is called America's next top model, isn't it?

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