Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These are two shirts that were part of the haul from two days ago. I'm seriously still recovering mentally from hitting the jackpot. These two candied colored striped Nina Ricci shirts are kind of sheer, which makes them perfect for the summer that is slowly approaching. They are perfect for layering. I could wear a simple t-shirt from Banana Republic or Club Monaco, a pair of shorts, and throw these over them, roll the sleeves, and I'm good to go. I am thrilled by these two because the colors are so cute and candy-like. And the fabric, the fabric is super light and super smooth. It is 100% brushed pima cotton. And I got these at $8.99 and 50% off, so that's pretty much only $4.50 each, which is insane, since one cannot even buy a juice from Jugo Juice with a mere $4.50. And yet, I bought two almost brand new Nina Ricci shirts for the $9. They are in excellent pristine condition. I swear they are new and never worn, the only difference between these and a brand new one is the hanging tag, and the price; that's it.

Love the colors of these shirts, and the little NR initial adds a luxurious touch and satisfies the brand whore in me.

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