Monday, May 24, 2010


Donna Karan silk shirt in beige, I think I got this for like $5. It is in brand new condition, just that it was covered in wrinkles when I got it, but sent it to the dry cleaner, and now it looks good as new. It's perfect for layering in the summer.

Super rare Gianfranco Ferre blue and grey striped shirt. This was priced at $3. I bet the pricing people at Value Village had no idea who Gianfranco Ferre is. I think this is from the 70s or 80s' runways. This shirt is not those typical liscensed tailored shirt. It has an exquisite pocket detail, as in the second picture. And what I love most about this shirt is the back side pleats, but I cannot get them to come off nicely on photograph. But the details in real life is so amazing.

Burberry London light blue front panel pleated shirt. This shirt is one of my most amazing finds (I seem to say that for everything, but it's true!) I love the exquisite pleated panels down the front. I love pleats of any kind, that is. It had a bit of stain when I bought it, but I took about 90% of it off, and now only a tiny bit still remain visible, but at $6, it was like whatever.

I am not even 1/10 through all the shirts that I got from the haul, and I already want to go thrifting again.

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