Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Look - DIY thrifted Rodarte-inspired sweater // DIY studded-collar Zara shirt // DIY Kazumi Bleached Jeans // Adidas Green Sneakers // Gap Socks // White-rimmed glasses from Nightmarket in Taipei

Progressive day. I finished the Velvet Room design contest things, got it all "done up" in a portfolio. Going to hand it in on Friday. DIY'ed a lot of stuffs today. Ripped up this sweater that I found at Value Village. I was inspired by Rodarte, and I clearly cannot afford the Rodarte for men collection with Opening Ceremony, so I might as well just make some myself. Fake, but whatever! It's authentic denier & manera! Also studded the collars of my white Zara shirt. Simple, took me 15 minutes. Also cut off a pair of Kazumi jeans that I no longer wear. I might've made it too short, and it is too cold in Vancouver to wear that. I wore it today, and I was shivering. Shivering!

The original state of the sweater before I did anything to it.  

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