Thursday, February 11, 2010

FW10 - Ports 1960 / BCBG

FW2010/2011 has begun. When Pre-Fall was literally just a few days ago, seriously, this is so exciting! Though the big shows have yet to show, there were some interesting shows on today.

Ports 1960

Overall, a very safe collection. Safe as in, people will buy these clothes, the clothes are pretty, the model casting is interesting, while there are some interesting pieces here and there. But no big surprise in our faces. But it's Ports 1960, so this is expected. However, I do have something to say about those fishnet tights. They are so 00's, we are in the 10's now! No more fish net tights, they just bring down a look, make it hookerish. That's horrible! However, I do LOVE the neckpieces in this collection. They are absolutely amazing! I feel Ports is trying to go for a cheaper more accesible Lanvin feel.

Once again, those neckpieces are breathtaking!!!

BCBG Max Azria

I never thought of BCBG as something that's high fashion, because we see them in malls. If you see a store in a mall, it is no longer exclusive ala high fashion ala fierce. Same goes for Coach. Well, Coach never was high fashion but that's another story. Anyway! This collection was actually, to my surprise, quite liked by me. I always thought of BCBG as a house that makes super tight and super embellished tacky clubbing clothes that are too expensive. But I guess either I was wrong/prejudiced or they've changed. Anyway, I quite like some of the pieces in this collection. I certainly wasn't expecting this level of chic from this collection, and I was blown away! However, I still have doubts about the tights and the shoes, a little too Alice in Wonderland for me. But, I would love love love to see some locals go to the malls and buy up some of these pieces, they're awesome!

I just love layering and assymetry. Together, they make me smile like a fat boy with a giant chocolate cake. Seriously. 

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