Sunday, February 21, 2010

FW10 - Isabel Mastache

I am all for creativity, avant garde and surrealism. I've been overwhelmed by shows these days, with the New York Fashion Week just over, now at London, there are not many shows that left an impression. Like, overall, the shows were good, some even great, but for the most part, they are very safe. I guess it's because we are not yet at Milan et Paris, where the biggest ones are showing. So Madrid Fashion Week is also on simultaneously, and I stumbled across Isabel Mastache. Boy, it left an impression. Not a good one. This is the perfect example of poor editing. I think it is extremely important to edit when designing, when you put everything you know/want on the table, a disaster will happen, it is almost guaranteed. Anyways, the Isable Mastache collection was a failed attempt of humorous fashion. It ended up being tacky and low in taste. Though some of the pieces are very creative, it was a total disaster, especially that penis pants, who in the world will wear that? Well, maybe we will see Lady Gaga wearing that in her music video but that's pretty much it. Time for the pictures.


This is the hideous penis pants, with the belly button showing. What is going on? It is so horrible, I don't even know what to say, but I do, however, like that jacket had the red ball image is not present on the left chest. 


This looks like a shellfish. That's the best thing I can say about this look.


This was actually my favorite look, it is very interesting. But the hat is kind of too much, had the hat not be there, it would be a really awesome look.


Cruella gone bad! This just reminds me of Cruella from 101 Dalmations. Horrible! Where is the cigarette and the crazy wig and bright red lipstick?


The Mad Hatter from Mexico.


The embryo-carrying father. Look at the embilical cord dangling from the blob to the shirt. This is just so......  I need a drink. 


Rabbit with Tumors. 


Sailor who wants to be a ballerina. 
This was a enjoyable creation. I love some of the creativity in this collection, but it's gone way too far, to a point where it is hideous.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA eww! penis pants! i dont think lady gaga would wear any of these alex.