Monday, January 11, 2010

SS10 Ad Campaigns - Oui!

So now, we move on to the inspiring jaw dropping ones. This is the one main thing in which why I love fashion. Fashion is like a dream, a fantasy, an escape from the reality - and these ads are just the story boards for these imaginations. And for me, as a consumer, I do tend to get affected by ad campaigns as to whether or not I would buy a product from that brand, or put it this way, while flipping through a magazine, the ad that will make people stop and stare, even if it is just 5 seconds, is a successful one. Though this season's ads are obviously not the best, there are a few that surprised me and inspired me.

Comme des Garcons

Everyone who knows me knows that I worship Rei Kawakubo. Seriously, this woman is extraterrestrial. Her ideas are so thought-provoking and contemporary. She is my idol. And though this ad probably is not done by her, it is one of the most creative ads I have ever seen. Appearing like folded and crumpled paper, this is so mind-blowing. If my magazine had this page, I would stop and stare for a good 10 minutes, and the rip it out and put it in the clear plastic cover of my binder. Best ad of the season, and NO bias involved.


First, the return of Pheobe Philo, and now this ad campaig. Celine is rapidly working its way back to the upper half of my list. These ads are simple - yes, plain - yes, focusing on clothes only - yes, white background - yes. But this simplicity is not boring. The way it is cropped is kind of wrong, but it also just kind of seems right. It has this ugly-beautiful thing going on, and I think this idea totally embraces the collection. Kind of unexpected, simple, clean, tailored, and kind of just right in your face. Like something you wouldn't notice, and you would keep flipping the pages, but then a voice in your head would just be like, there was something odd about that ad, and then you flip back, then it looks alright. But that little dose of "odd" does the magic beautifully!


I only found one image so far for Hermes, and there obviously is more. Yes, I know the model is still Karlie Kloss, she is popular, I get it. But the styling for this shoot makes her look so adorable and dreamy. I love the stacking of the scarve-covered cushion. It creates this messy yet beautiful color coordination. I also absolutely adore how the scarf is braided into her hair! That is such a gorgeous beach look. I can see a LOT of people doing that this year at the beach. But there is just this dreamy and airy and luxurious feel to this ad and I love that.



I love this! It is so gorgeous. I love how the models are splattering colored sand? all over themselves. It creates this beautiful and never-seen-before feeling to the ads. Though the clothes are kind of plain, especially when you know Gianfranco Ferre designed these, I kind of expected more of the clothes. In this case, the plain background works beautifully. I absolutely adore the first image's right shot, where the guy's face is covered in the sand. It is so avant garde! (minus the clothes!)


It is so messy that it works. I love that print, it has this urban tribal futuristic feel going on. I love love love images with a lot of people in them and this campaign does just that. I also absolutely adore the model choice (minus Natalia). But actually, Natalia does not really look like the usual Natalia in this campaign so it's all good.

Francesco Scognamiglio

Another simple ad, but the clothes do the talking. And the model's intensity is phenomenal.

(all images from brand's official website)

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