Monday, January 11, 2010

SS10 Ad Campaigns - Non

So the Ads for SS10 are coming out like mails during the Xmas holidays, it's insane! And it is so inspiring and uninspiring at the same time to look at these ads. Some are just playing the same old game, getting a blue chip girl, hooking up a hot photographer like Miesel, and booking an all white walled studio, getting the shot, and pasting the brand's name onto the image, and sending it off to the magazines to be published. Like seriously, I don't really see any "creativity" involved in some of these major houses' ads, it is just so uninspiring, especially when the clothes are so interesing. I guess they are trying to focus on the clothes. But somehow, I just think there should be a little bit of something there that makes people go wow! Instead of just boring, boring, boring. Anyway! Here are the "NONs" of SS2010 Ads I've seen so far.

This is the only one I found. The styling is exactly the same as of the runway show. The clothes, I would say, are very interesting. But somehow, the whole "light-air" feeling, the hairstyle, the color of the lipstick and the green shades just makes Prada seems like they are aiming at a target market of 15-25, which clearly is NOT the target market of Prada. And honestly, the ad is just boring, white background, with a girl posing in clothes. One expects so much more from a major house like Prada.


Natalia Vodianova, seriously? Like I do not think she is a bad model, but she was the "it-girl" back in the early 2000s, it is a new decade now! I think it's time for a new girl to be the face of YSL, first, it is Christy Turlington for FW09, and now, its Natalia for SS10, who are we going to have next? And the ad is really simple, just like typical  YSL ads and it looks very retro, which I kind of like. But I just can't get over the fact that Natalia is used, she doesn't even do runway shows anymore!


Karlie Kloss, again? First an "only girl" exclusive in US Vogue last year, now she scores a Dior campaign. Alone too! I don't not like her, I just don't get why she is so popular now when there are way better models like Raquel, Coco and Lara out there. Next, the images are so peculiar it kind of freaks me out, like the angle of her face in the right image is extremely strange, why push her chin so low? And I do not like the styling of this shoot, the sheer socks with heels look is so not flattering, it cuts like 4 inches off your legs! Also, I do not really like the 40s thing they are trying to do here, I guess, it just doesn't suit Karlie. Remember the good old times of Dior when they had Jessica Stam and Sasha in their ads, and they were so colorful and full of life. And now we have this peculiar expressioned Karlie with this black/greyish layout.

 This is not a boring ad. But I just think it's too much. It's all about the balance. There is too much going on in here that it just makes me dizzy. An ad like this is more suitable for a brand like Luella or Anna Sui, which is clearly targeting a younger, fun-loving market, but Mulberry? I think most people that buy Mulberry are more mature women who like quality products. I guess Mulberry is trying to garner more fans or something. But somehow, I just do not think this ad is "Mulberry" at all.

(All images from official brand's website)


  1. Okay - I LOVE the Prada dress, I would ditch the greasy/wet looking hair, especially the pigtail due...I HATE PIGTAILS, ew. The dress is gorgeous though. A better ad would enhance the luxury of the dress, this ad sadly does not scream luxury.

    YSL, meh, that's definitely a YSL ad. I'm more intrigued by your model knowledge haha.

    The Dior ads seem to be going for a "detective feel", or so it seems to me. With the look on her face, the shadow of the blinds on the wall. It screams 70's detective movie to me, yet a bit modernized. The ads are still pretty boring though, they could have done better.

    The Mulberry - ugh, I do not like it either. I think they should cut the tacky colours and just use the girl posing on the left, because that pose is gorgeous, and so are the shoes and the bag.

  2. mulberry!

    the girl on the right is SASHA!
    so i guess, they can't just NOT use her
    cuz she's SASHA!!!


  3. ahahaha well they could put her in another ad, they don't need just one!