Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mens F/W 2010 Shows - D&G

So the mens shows have started like three days ago. I know I am late, very late. Three days in fashion is like three years in Vancouver. Seriously. Anyway, I have been watching shows live, staying up late to watch these shows in Milan time and getting frustrated at my MacBook for not performing. Anyway, I have seen over 20 shows online (pictures and videos for some). Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could, I cannot see any of these shows in person, yet. However, after looking and examining and staring and dissecting each and every shows, one show that stood out to me the most was D&G, not Dolce & Gabbana, D&G. It stood out, BIG TIMES, in a bad way, unfortunately. First of all, I appreciate the fact that they are targeting the crowds with the disposable incomes, but honestly, who in the world would spend that much money on these clothes other than skiers and snowboarders, and even if they were buying gadgets, they would have their brands that they are loyal to, so why is D&G doing a collection with saggy snowboarding pants paired with tuxedo blazers?

These three looks = gasps, jaws drop, hands cover mouths, smirks, WTF? The top looks good, wearable, and even fashionable. But as you look down, what on earth is going on? Especially the green pants (Are they even supposed to be called pants?) It makes this model looks like a high school teenage trying to dress up as Alladin and cannot afford to buy a decent costume. It is so sad.  I just do not really understand what is the appeal in this. People do not go snowboarding in this kind of outfit. Nor do people go on the streets in this kind of outfit. So what exactly are they trying to say here?

And then we have these hats. Okay they are warm, but the fact is that things that keep you warm unflatter you, like Uggs. So these hats are a big No-no, okay, maybe Yes when you go snowboarding, but that's pretty much it. And the bag in the first picture is so simple, so plain, just like something you could get at your local mall's luggage/bag store, I thought this was supposed to be fashion!

I have no words for these looks. Well, I do like the scarf in the first image, but I can get a similar one at American Eagle or Abercrombie. I was just wondering if D&G is going all extreme sportswear now. What's going on!?!?

These were the only three looks that I liked. I love that bulky scarf in the first image and I would totally wear that Mickey Mouse sweater, I love how it has this vintage flair to it. The colors in the second look works really well together, I love it, but minus the hat. The third look is tres chic and would totally work for a regular go-out-in-town outfit minus the bulky gloves and ridiculous snowboarding goggles.

D&G's show left a lasting impressions in my head because of those three colorful horrible garbage bag pants.


Now, onto the other shows!

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