Friday, December 25, 2009

vogue nippon - jan 2010

So the editorials for Vogue Nippon January 2010 are already out on TheFashionSpot. And they are, _______insert gasp here_____, breathtakingly beautiful and fierce and gorgeous and snap snap snap.

This editorial is very granny chic.  A lot of textured skirts are used in this editorial and it touched my heart because I have a soft spot for textures. The styling and make up is really 1920s.

This editorial is very gothic and ethreal. Using tougher textures and dark colors to create a rough mood. I love that image on the right. It is so alien-esque.

This is the "military" themed editorials. Again, texures and layerings used. I love that harem pants in the image on the left. Fierce!

The armadillo heels are appearing in the editorials! This editorial is the pop-colored one, with bright greens, cobalt blues and crazy patterns. It is a feast to the eyes.

I only posted two pictures from each editorials to keep it "mysterious," as I think the magic of these images should be felt when actually flipping the page of the magazine rather than just looking at them on the internet. That's what I believe in. And this is why I spend so much money on magazines. Better head to Sophia Books tomorrow to pre-order this magazine.

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