Monday, December 28, 2009

hearts pound; let's go on an adventure in a hot air balloon







Hearts are pounding hard with the beats of a relaxing bossa nova song. A giraffe is playing a violin in the corner while a zebra is humming along. Millions of balloons, only in taupe, gold, turqoise, mustard yellow and wine red, are tied on gold chains to a vintage basket. Inside the baskets are never-ending egg, cucumber and ham sandwiches, some cranberry scones, some sugar cookies and lots and lots of earl grey. All china are pure white, with a hint of cream in them. The deer is taking images with the polaroid, while all the animals, three, to be exact are dressed properly in gingam shirts, a matching bow tie, a tailored jacket and some rolled shorts. And polka dotted socks with some huge doc martens. Pass a river, pass a mountain, soar over the cloud into the land of nowhere.

While humming.

While laughing.

While enjoying.

I want to go on an adventure.

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