Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quarter 4 Portfolio Show

Today is the day of our Quarter 4 portfolio show, which also marks the end of the first year at AI. Actually, it was quite a let down, as not much "advertisement" was done. People walked by, asked a few questions, flipped through some stuffs, and that was it. People as in people in school, teachers and students (usually friends). And I felt like it was kind of rushed.
Everyone was unprepared. And I wasn't as prepared as I hoped I would be.
But nonetheless, I pulled it off. Laid out all my stuffs, and realized how much I have actually grown in this past year. From not being able to stitch a straight line to actually being able to create an one-of-a-kind dress from scratch. This process is mesmerizing.

I put out five manneqins. It displayed works from classes, and some works I did in my own time. And what put me down was the fact that fellow classmates were complaining that I was the only person who got a whole table to myself. I am not going to say "I'm sorry" for that. The teacher acknowledged the time and effort I put into my work and told me that I could take any table I want by myself. Obviously, I chose the prime spot. Who could you blame? I knew what I was doing, I was prepared, and I was up for it. I felt like other people where more like "whatever," "I don't really care," and anything along that line until the time really came. Everyone started to care. Everyone started to compare. Everyone started to complain.
Well how about this.

Take more time and effort to do all your homework and projects.
Organize your stuffs.
Do not rush everything ON the due date.
Finish everything ahead of time so you have that extra "safe" time to make any last minute changes.
Do not freak out.
Do no complain and blame everything on "not enough time."

Because HELLO! Yours truly finished. And we all started at the same time. And I believe I am not less busy than any of these people, in fact, I might be even busier!
So I do not get what is the big deal.

My evening dress, The Emerald, inspired by Lake Emerald in Alberta. The waves, the color and the ripples are all contributing elements in my design.
The dress is basically all boned. The bustier and the skirt is entirely boned. Fully lined and all ruffles sewn on by hand. The shoulder piece is attached to the belt. This dress could be worn with or without the belt.
The feeling of completing something, is amazing.

But for now, I am exhausted. I need a massage

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