Wednesday, December 2, 2009

h&m ss 2010 lookbook

So the H&M ss2010 lookbook for men's pictures showed up today. Saw it here.
So many trend pieces, so many runway-esque pieces, I want so many pieces.
The pleated man-skirt, the harem pants, the ombre dyed scarves, the crisp trousers. All on my wishlist now! H&M, here I come. I wonder if Vancouver will carry these pieces, I hope it will.

Anyways, here are the pictures.

 I want this man skirt, though I don't know if I could pull it off like Marc Jacobs, but I think it's so Comme des Garcons, I want it. The blazer is also crisp and sharp.

These harem pants are #1 on my wish lists. Because of my love for Rei Kawakubo, I have developed a strong love for drop-crotched harem pants. I want this. Like, I'll buy two or three pairs! Hope they're not made out of polyester.

I want that block colored cardigan. Reminds me of Junya Watanabe.

Those khaki trousers= WANT. Also. the sandals too, but I bet they will not have my size. Shame on H&M for only making men's shoes up to size 11.5, like Seriously?

These ombre dyed "I assume they are silk" scarves are to dye for. So spring. So light. So airy. I hope they have them in Blue or Grey! Will get them too!

The RODARTE sweater for men. Though not as deconstructed, but I can certainly see the influence and inspiration. I do not like the color though, I don't get why men's clothes (especially at H&M) have so many orange pieces in them. It bugs me to death. I think orange is a cute color, but no in garments. It's horrible!

This jacket is so Junya Watanabe as well. I love the color blocking. I want!

It's barely winter and I can't wait for Spring to come. I want those harem pants, NOW!


  1. please refrain from the skirt Alex...I do not believe even you could pull it off.

  2. well..who knows! maybe I can pull it off.. let's just wait till its on the shelves!!