Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Donna Karan // Jason Wu // D&G - PRE-FALL 2010

Donna Karan

Horrible fabric. I don't know what else to say. This kind of fabric reminds me of curtains or drapery. And they were all over the place at the AI Global Fashion show, and now Donna Karan is using it. And it does not make it okay. It is still horrible.


Jason Wu

Same length, same basic silhouette, yet so cohesive and so different. I love how he is playing with texture and paying such tremendous attention to intricate little details. I love the idea of playing around with the same silhouette. It is really elegant and high-class. Tres chic!


What is going on!? Did they take some "Betsey Johnson" pill or something. Polka dots is one of my favorite, but it is so not D&G. But something about the fabrication and the stylization of these garments just seem cheap to me. Cheap and Tacky. First Versace, now D&G, what is going on? The polka dotted jump suit is so clowny, like CLOWN SUGAR! CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE ME A BALLOON LION?

What a way to end an already not so good day.
I need some fashion revive pill.

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  1. adore the Jason Wu!

    so clean, crisp and eye-catching (which is funny because it's all neutral colours)