Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Finale Collections

This season of Project Runway went by in a flash. There was no "revival" challenges or anything crazy along that line, once you are out, you are out. I thought that the talent level of this season is higher than that of others, like overall. Though we have had some hideous garments, like "Crystal's" or Christopher's. I am so glad that Christopher is not showing at Bryant Park because he had been saved week after week, I almost thought that they will edit him as the "self-taught next top designer." Luckily, they didn't. Anyway, the runway pictures of the final collections from Althea, Carol-Hannah and Irina had surfaced a long time ago but I never had a time to take a close look at all of them until today. I have to say, this is the most consistent final three collections on Project Runway history. None of them are too dramatic, none of them are too unwearable. Instead, all of the clothes on the runway were fashionable, ready-to-wear, yet they all had a vision on their own.

Personally, I liked Althea's and Irina's collections more than Carol Hannah's.

Althea's collection featured a lot of leather pieces, huge sweaters(what's with huge sweaters and project runway this season) and overally a bad ass motorcycle girl look. Kind of Alexander Wang mixed with Helmut Lang mixed with Anne Demeulemeester, but it's kind of interesting. I love the ripped/scratched tops, they are so fab. However, there is this one dress(the bottom right image below) that is so ill-fitted. The length is really bad, the model is really bad(she's got no neck NO NO NO!) and yeah, basically, that dress is just ugly. Nonetheless,  the styling of the models are lovely and spot on. Ponytails and headbands are so cute. The make up is also impeccable.

Carol-Hannah's collection was the one that I did not quite like. Though each dress was crafted impeccably, and gorgeous created, there was something off about the overall collection. I thought it was not as cohesive as it should be. It was kind of all over the place. And some of the shapes of some of the dresses were not so fabulous. However, she did bring something interesting to the table. But I guess by now, everyone knew that Carol-Hannah knows how to make beautiful dresses, however, the thing is that, she is not surprising us. And I think she is right about sticking to make mostly dresses, because from the images below, it is clear that she cannot do pants and tops. The two tops that she sent down the runway, especially the purple one, looks gross. Length is wrong, fit is unflattering, who would wear it, not to mention how gross the color is.

Irina's collection was dark, gloomy and fierce. Kind of like a female warrior going to war. I love the panels of pleating that she did in all her garments. They flatter the women's shape. I love the hats she used to style the models. And she gave us something new. She is not the Irina we know from the show. I was quite surprised to see her garments. I thought it was fresh, new and fashion forward. Irina did a great job. For me, Irina and Althea will be battling it out, but I guess Irina will win, because Project Runway judges have this "system" of choosing their winners, and I guess Irina will win this season.

Can't wait till next Thursday to see if I am right. I hope Althea takes the crown.

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