Thursday, October 8, 2009

louis vuitton S/S 2010

Afros, dropped shoulders, piles and piles of prints, coloful and dreamy palette, and girly details pretty much sums up the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Marc Jacobs. Though, personally, I think the proportion of the silhouette of this collection is kind of off tack, the overall mood of the collection is well-executed, and the celebrities appearance at this show is one of the biggest of the season. Not to mention that this show was aired live on facebook to millions all over the world.

I see some tribal influences in this collection as well as traditional and  cultural costumes such as the outfit on the left. The skirt strongly resembles a schenti, which is a traditional Egyptian pleated skirt. I love the use of colors in this collection and though some of the prints are coming off as tacky, but overall, most are lovely. I absolutely adore the idea of using the giant mascots on bags as shown in the outfit on the right. I think it is totally lovely and cute!

I love the idea of using the sheer leggings in the outfit on the left. It creates a sexy and mysterious mood to the whole outfit. I can smell a trend forming - sheer leggins. 
The neckline of the jacket on the right is lovely, the angles are a dream. I love, love, love  the use of the protruding pockets in that jacket, I'd wear one if a male version is made!

The fabric on the left outfit is interesting. It has this paper/rain coat effect. I love the dark navy printings on the neckline, which kind of creates an ombre dye effect that is totally in right now. Again, the sheer leggings are included. Another mention is the shoes, I love the usage of that little dose of fur, it's like magic! The outfit on the right features an ombre dyed jacket that is well-tailored. I can totally see this on someone like Gwen Stefani. I do not, however, like the sandals with the fur as much as  I liked the boots with the fur. Again, the mascots on the bag is absolutely lovely.
Overall, I would say Mr. Jacobs did a good job, I am, once again, surprised!
He came up with an extremely wearable collection that will sell in the current economic situation. I kind of hate how he does not take a lot of innovative risks, but he added some quirky and cute details here and there, just barely enough so that this collection will not get the label, boring.

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  1. Alexander McQueen's collection was AMAZING.
    sorry to say but better than this.
    I only really enjoy the afros and maybe 4-5 pieces.