Wednesday, October 7, 2009

design specialties day dress project

So my theme for the project that I've totally been looking forward to is URBAN NOMAD!
At first, I was like, what's that? Then I realized, it's Egypt!
The theme city is Cairo, and the assigned colors are sand beige, brown, nile green, light blue, ivory... you get the idea.
And we are grouped in groups of two to three. And was I relieved! I was in a group of two, with someone whom I believe would not have a lot to say about my design, which is good! That way, we wont clash.
So I sketched and thought. I decided to go with the idea of urban mummies. Strips and strips of linen in beige, cream and ivory would be cut out and I would use the strips, literally, to create a knee length, long sleeved day dress.
But the thing is, we have to come up with five designs, so I am still thinking, thinking, thinking. I don't even know if we could go over the board, or if I could even make the pattern for what I am trying to make.
And! And! And! I can't express my love for making up fake people as our customers. It's just so much fun!

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