Saturday, November 20, 2010

lanvin x h&m - the fight

The collection that was highly hyped and anticipated. I just had to take part, I went at 4:30am  and there were already around 100 people in front of me, but Vancouver had its first snowstorm last night. Seriously, those people were insane. It was still snowing very heavily when I got in line, armed with a hand knitted sweater, a raglan sweater, shirt, t-shirt, uniqlo heat-tech tank and leggings under my jeans and three layers of socks. 

I just felt so lucky to be a guy because all the guys who were shopping purely mens' collection will be able to wait inside the mall, while the women who were waiting to buy the womens' collection had to wait out in the snow. I was thinking of getting a few of the womens' t-shirts but gave up because I'd be in the 5th/6th group according to the bracelet color, and I'd have to wait until 10am while I could be done and gone by 8:15am if I just shopped mens'. Staffs served Starbucks coffee and pastries at 7am, which was pretty surprising, because none of this happened with previous collaborations.

What I got after like 5 minutes in the store. Literally. There was no time to decide whether you want this or that, no time to think, basically, I just grabbed what I saw. I got 4/5 of my most wanted items which is pretty awesome. All the men's stuffs were in one tiny section on the second floor. But this year, the quantity of each item is signifiicantly lower than before (Comme des Garcons / Matthew Williamson / Jimmy Choo) There were only about 15 of each colors of bowties / ties. 2-3 of each sizes of shirts and probably 5 of each size for t-shirts. Shoes were scattered all over the place, some in boxes, some not, which made it very hard for people to find sizes. And I didn't see the purple and blue shoes, either the first 20 people that were in front of me bought them all or there weren't any at Vancouver. The suits and blazers were gone before I could even see them. The only regret was the sunglasses, I heard from the staffs that there were only about 15 sunglasses, which I think is very stupid. Still pissed off about not being able to get the sunglasses. 

But here's what I did get, 

This was the gift from H&M. A tote bag with a flower brooch and a navy blue wool scarf inside, pretty awesome I'd say, considering it was hard to even get an extra paper bag at the CdG collaboration.

Tuxedo shirt. I just grabbed this one with my left hand while my right hand was grabbing the bowties, I just kind of "visualized" where my size would be and got the right size, luckily.

Drawstring wool trousers in navy blue - I wasn't planning to get these, but I saw them on the rack, the last pair, and it's my size, so I just grabbed it anyways, but I am now really glad I grabbed it because it's my favorite piece of garment that I got today.

Tiger face tee - a no-brainer. I was planning to get both t-shirts but didn't see the leopard one by the time I was there (they put the two t-shirts in two different sections) I got the tiger first and by the time I was at the leopard section, there was only XS left.

The main reason why I was even there - the bowties. They are so adorable. I got the three that I wanted - the leopard one, the red one and the purple one. Made with 100% silk, they're so luxurious and soft and gorgeous. I love how the red and purple ones are so oversized, so Alber Elbaz.

I was planning to get two pairs of shoes - the brown one and the blue or purple one, but I only saw the brown one. I got the biggest size available  - 11.5. I am a size 13 normally, but I just wanted to try my luck and surprisingly, it fitted. 

The cutest shopping bag ever. 

Staying up all night and lining up at 4:30am was totally worth it.

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