Wednesday, September 15, 2010

in the details, may i look through a microscope

Adored these embossed leather looks at Rodarte ss2011. Truly amazing, i love the textures of all these leather panels, so gorgeous. The whole show was so polished and tailored, so different to what I was accustomed to being a "Rodarte" show. To me, Rodarte was all about incoporating the most random materials and somehow put the pieces together randomly to make a dress. But this collection was really sleek, and not so Rodarte. I guess this is the new direction that the sisters are going for and I think it's really good. I love the shapes of some of the dresses, they are almost paper-like. The models' make up and hair were amazing. I love how alienesque all the models looked. There was only one dress that made me shiver of terror, kind of horrible in terms of proportion and color, so scary.

The gorgeous fabric look so tacky when put together like this. And the whole porportion of this look is just so off and awkward.

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