Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the beginning of a new month

The Business of Fashion / Searching for Style event at OPUS in Yaletown.

Definitely my favorite place in town. This place is better than Holt Renfrew!

Partners in crime! I was clearly over-dressed today, I thought it was going to be cold so I whipped on a shirt and a knitted cricket vest, I was sweating MAD.
Find of the day - FENDI bomber jacket with tacky/flashy lining. It was only $10, so it was a steal. And it looks brand new too, it's in pristine condition. It's discreet and flashy at the same time. I believe it is reversible too. Perfect jacket for fall, I'd wear it with straight leg denim and a white t-shirt?

So there it is, I am now a proud owner of something Balenciaga. This polo is amazing. I love the colors, and it's in my size!
The final find of the day, a Versace Jean Couture polo in black. I love the zipper treatment instead of the traditional button fly front. 


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