Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Water and Oil by Steven Meisel. This is seriously one of the most thought-provoking photoshoots I've seen in a while. I love how Vogue Itatlia has the guts to put this on their magazine and believe that their readers would appreciate this amazinginly beautiful yet haunting photoshoot. Just imagine US Vogue doing it, the mass media would go insane and there would be countless "personalities" sharing their views on this issue. Loosen up! It's fashion, it's art, it's just a simple state of mind sharing a point of view. Anyways, back to the shoot itself. I believe this was shot in a harbour near NYC, and I have to say, the location is spot on. The model casting is amazing, and the wardrobe, well, the wardrobe is not really that clearly visible or identifiable compared to editorials like the ones in US Vogue where a model just jumps in front of a white/creme backdrop in this shoot. Some might say it loses the point of an editorial because the point of an editorial is merely to "sell" clothes, but this is what keeps the creative juice of all that are involved in the industry running. I find myself just sitting here in front of my macbook just staring at these images and I just become speechless, it's like, seriously mesmerizing. I really should head out and buy a copy right away. This is the kind of editorials that would make people want to buy the magazine, this is the kind of editorial that would stop people in their path and make them think. This is the perfect definition of how fashion is not just about glamor and pretty clothes and fabulous jewelry. This is the reality.

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