Monday, July 19, 2010


Took a weekend trip to Victoria, a beautiful island two hours away from Vancouver. Love the sea breeze in my face, love the sunlight on my face, love the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves.

Visited a lighthouse and jumped up and down when I got closer and closer and was absolutely fascinated by the lighthouse and everything inside it.
Wandered around in a castle-like hotel while travellers were spending their cash on useless souveniers..
Waited at the loveliest Fisherman's Wharf looking at countless adorable little houses while waiting fourty minutes for some good ol' fish'n'chips.
Peeped through little houses on the streets where they had peepholes and one house was called the "toad hall," how cute!
Visited the BC Royal Museum which was full of woo's and aah's and was completely mesmerized by the early 1900's displays of British Columbia even though I've been to this museum before, I found that I appreciated it a lot more this time around. Especially loved "Dominion Drapers."
Saw a seal by the dock, which was one of the most amazing moments in the entire trip.

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