Sunday, March 28, 2010


Look - Thrifted Holt Renfrew Creme Linen Shirt Jacket // Thrifted Balmain Creme Shirt // Thrifted DKNY Snowflake Silk Scarf // Banana Republic Navy&Rock Striped Tee // Gap 1969 Washed Jeans // Rockport Red Boat Shoes // Thrifted Caramel Leather Briefcase

The weather was once again peculiar today. Spent half my day looking at at the Men's runway stuffs. It feels weird to look at these again, after a few months, I really felt different about each collection now, and am more inspired than ever. I guess at that time, I was too caught up in the whole "Hey! A new collection is out, I should look at all the looks and quickly whip up a review so I can be one of the cool style people" phase. Today, with tea, Joanna Wang and the sound of rain, I actually looked at each look slowly, and got to appreciate them a lot more. Just thought of a little project for myself that I want to do. Just need the ambition.

I really want a hair cut. It is so strange, no matter how I cut my hair in the first place, it will always grow back to the exact same shape within a month or two, hence the hair in the image. It is so annoying. I want the euro, laid back chic hair.

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