Monday, March 15, 2010

drop the crotch

I've been meaning to make myself some dropped-crotch trousers for the longest time possible, but procstination got in the way. I love dropped crotch trousers, they are so CDG and YY, which are two of my favorite brands. However, I cannot afford these brands, and furthermore, even if I could, I cannot find any in Vancouver. I only own a pair of dropped crotch trousers, and they're from the women's line at H&M, but they fit terribly, and it is impossible to walk in them, but I love them nonetheless.

My Comme des Garcons look, with the aforementioned H&M womens' trousers.

So tonight, I decided to make some dropped crotch trousers myself. I measured myself, drafted a pattern, cut out a muslin, made some changes, and whipped up this pair of dropped crotched trousers with three pleating details on each side of the front panel with a 9" zipper opening. It has a boxy feel from waist to knee, and below knee is like a skinny jeans. I love how it turned out, it has instantly became my new favorite. It feels so strange to be able to create what you want to wear with your own hands. I've decided to make these in all possibe colors and fabrics! I will become the dropped crotch trousers guy!

H&M Black Cardigan buttoned incorrectly deliberately // H&M blue blocked shirt // denier & manera polka dotted chiffon scarf tied the Mad Hatter way // denier & manera deep navy dropped-crotch trousers


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