Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lately I have a lot of alone time, because I will not be going back to school until September and my work schedule is very loose. So I have been doing a lot of thinking, a lot. Thinking as to what directions I want to take in life. I have been inspired by numerous things this few months, noticably vintage clothes, vintage items and the whole art of thrifting, which is good for the environment and the wallet, it is satisfying my shopping needs while not having to spend a fortune. I have been looking up thrifting blogs and vintage blogs, and I found that most people are selling vintage items and handmade items on etsy. It just makes me feel like I want to be a part of that. But I lack in experience. How am I supposed to know whether or not someone will want an item or whether or not an item is really worth something or if it is simply just a piece of junk like 98% of things in the Salvation Army or Value Village. Lately, I thrifted a lot, but mostly are clothes and accesories for myself. I probably spent around $300.00 Cdn on 10 jackets, 15+ shirts, 5 cardigans, 5 ties and a few miscellaneous items. But the way I bought these things are based on brands. Yes, I only bought vintage luxury brand items. It is so surprising how Vancouver has such a sufficient amount of luxury brands in their thrift stores in counter to the minmal amount of luxury brands readily available in retail stores, there is perhaps only two places that sell luxury brand clothings in Vancouver. (Holt Renfrew & Sinclair Center) A Givenchy shirt for $5.99, all I had to do was to dry clean it, and press it nicely, and it looks good as new. Unbelievable, now my wardrobe is half full with designer luxury items, with only a couple that I bought in retail (my Alexander Wang sweater that costed a fortune was the ONLY luxury garment item I have ever bought in retail) Speaking of luxury, I do not count Tommy Hilfiger or RW&CO or Banana Republic as luxury brands. Luxury brands are in the realms of Burberry, Givenchy, Balmain, and Christian Dior, and these four brands happen to be the most common brands I see in thrift stores around Vancouver. Probably every time I go thrifting, I would see one of these brands. I always have the urge to buy every single one of these luxury items I see, but I only need so much clothes. So I was thinking, maybe I should just start a mini business like this, thrift as a hobby, and re-sell them online to people who do not have access to luxurious vintage items. Today, I made a trip, once again, to the Value Village that is 10 minutes drive away from my house. I found three bowls that have the looks of the 60s Art, they are yellow, orange and black, totally gorgeous. I also found a pure virigin wool deep purple jacket that fits me like a glove. A thing that I noticed with my local thrift stores is that they have a sufficient amount of vintage books, all at very low price, so I picked up a few today, and am thinking of what to do with them. Should I use them for decor, or should I really start my own mini-business?

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