Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye bye 2009

So 2009 is almost over, literally, in like a day. Seriously? This year has gone past in a blink of eye. It is so scary how time passes so fast now as you are getting older. I am getting older by the second. I am no longer the person I was in January. Anyway, 2009 had been a fabulous year, for the first time in my life, I was really doing what I love doing, and enjoying it, and discovering that I actually have a grasp on what I am doing. It feels really good. So 2010 is the mark of a new decade, and I will be 30 by 2020, which is scary and kind of far away.

Life, I want to hold on to you.
Life, I want to guide you.
Life, I want you to take me where I want to go.

Can you?

I hope this decision is a right one, and even if it is not, I will stick to it, because I cannot back down anymore. This is what I want, this is what I need and this is what I have to do.

New Year's Resolution:

1.Get a new job, in fashion.
2.Start producing denier & manera products and sell to local boutiques.
3.Polish sewing skills.
4.Expand blog and online network.
5.Get Ulysse.
6.Start a Birkin fund.
10.Be true to myself.

2009 was a great year, hope 2010 will be even better!

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