Monday, November 16, 2009

Nicole Fox for ANTM

So this cycle's ANTM hasn't really got me excited. But the finale's on Wednesday and I have to say, the final two this cycle is the best since Joanie and Danielle in cycle 6. After the disappointment of Saleisha and Whitney winning, and the much too expected wins of Teyona and Mickey, the final two this cycle has got me a tad bit more excited. Nicole is fierce, beautiful and kind of awkward, which I love while Laura is sweet, bubbly and sexy. But I have to say, Nicole has taken some of the BEST pictures I have seen in all thirteen cycles of America's Next Top Model, so Nicole Fox for the win please!











Seriously, she can't take a bad picture, every picture of her's is breathtakingly beautiful.

Below are some behind the screen captures, they are even more beautiful!


Work it, girl!

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