Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know I am a few days late.
But these few days, I just don't feel the drive to update my blog.
So much work, yet, I am not stressed. I like to handle whatever that comes my way slowly and orderly.
Somehow, classmates are starting to complain about workloads and time issues. I personally feel that it is fair, in fact, it may not even be enough work. I still find time to go out, I still find time to come online and read blogs, I still find time to watch dramas. And yet, I put a lot of time and effort into my school work. Also, working on various projects on my own time. Oh, and there's work. So no, I do not think school is too busy, and I do not understand why everyone is so stressed and freaking out. A few projects, two garments to sew and like, one little weekly assignment, seriously, it's not a lot. Just put the negative energy aside and deal with it. The real world is going to be way tougher than this, I presume. There goes Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest."

Anyways, as usual, I read blogs and imagine the bloggers like me, sitting in front of a macbook, typing away. However, I can't help but be JEALOUS of tavi.
Like seriously, what was I doing when I was thirteen. Let me think, I was playing pokemon cards and busy with school, tae kwon do, swimming and skating, I didn't even know who Marc Jacobs was. Now, this girl, at the tender age of thirteen went to the PRADA  book launch, sat in front rows in countless shows in the NYFW, talked with a handful of top designers, is a personal friend of RODARTE designers, and now she is flying to TOKYO to meet my idol, REI KAWAKUBO.

Life is unfair.

Speaking of unfair.
Daul Kim passed away.
There shall be a moment of silence.
She was fabulous.
Her career was beginning to kickstart.
And now she's gone.


Life goes on.

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  1. you spelt heartbroken wrong in the title.
    might wanna change that playaaaa! haha