Sunday, November 15, 2009

fashion? or simply offensive?

During last Thursday's Concept & Trends class, we looked at some provocative and offensive fashion ad campaigns. Even though we did not look deep into this issue, but personally, I thought it was an interesting topic to waver about, so I did some research at home. Looked up some ad campaigns and found that some were in fact, really provocative. But personally, I don't mind them, because fashion is art to me, and art should not be limited. But I guess the general public will be highly offended by the following ads.

This one is kind of creative. I like it. I like the message in this picture.

This Tom Ford ad caused a lot of controversy, but personally, I think it is done tastefully. Though the woman's head is not shown, which kind of indicates that women is but a sex tool to men. But I guess this is just a marketing strategy, it grabs your attention, but doesn't make you go "ugh."

However, these two American Apparel ads are kind of off, they are dont tastelessly and they look like cheap porn. Imagine seeing these images in fashion magazines.
Oh my.

This ad, I don't know for what brand, but it's for a Dutch company, is completely gross. I feel bad for the model and this whole image is just disturbing....

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