Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best of SS2010

So the Fashion Weeks are almost over with Tokyo about ending.(And this post is going to be super long!) Overwhelming amounts of pictures to click click click and overwhelming amounts of blogs to read read read. has became my bffl. Given the current economic issue, fashion designers are either just playing it safe and throwing extremely wearable, hence saleable garments down the runway or they are cranking up the volume way high and throwing heaps and mounds of creativity and colors into our face. I remember reading somewhere that "Fashion is always crazy when the world around us is rough," I guess that's why! Speaking of that, some designers have remained their mark and sent garments down the runway that represent their design aesthetics as well as showing a whole new perspective. I feel technology is getting bigger and bigger by the second. First, it's the bloggers in the front row, tweeting away on their blackberrys or laptops about how they just saw so and so or what color the dress that just stormed in front of their eyes is. But honestly, why not just sit back, relax, and absorb the music, the lighting, the environment, the clothes, the models, the make up, the hair and the people around you. Leave blogging and tweeting for the after-fashion-show-and-after-party-Starbucks-alone-time-with-my-macbook sessions. However, I do appreciate the fact that these fashion houses, or their PRs and marketing teams, to be more exact, are noticing that bloggers are getting bigger and bigger in terms of influential powers in the general public. Speaking of technology and futuristic, I love, love, LOVE the Alexander McQueen set. The robotic cameras were phenomenal. They were mind blowing. However, the clothes, to me, were lackluster. I enjoyed his previous collections a lot more, I guess in life, you just can't have everything! Nonetheless, even if I am not at the Fashion Weeks, I have been able to endure all the magic and inspirations of the shows in the comfort of my own bed.

Here are my top 10.


10. Dolce & Gabbana

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana, I think of leopard. I don't know why, but it's just the way it is. This collection, we saw a lot of lace, tulle, mesh, you name it, the sheer fabrics. I guess they're "IN" this season. They were everywhere. I love the black and white structured dress on Chanel, it is totally going to be an issue of Vogue in the near future, it is just so perfect for editorials. The red tulle/lace dress in the centre is gorgeous, red-carpet worthy for the edgy celebrities. I also love how they incoporated more tailored suits in their collections. And the blazers are paired with skinny trousers! Love the pocket details on that blazer in the far right image. The print skirt and blouse in the second from right picture is cute and kind of Japanese, which touches a string in my heart. Overall, this collection is just very Dolce & Gabbana, sexy, confident, and kind of obnoxious. Love it!


9. Celine

Phoebe Philo is back at Celine. Clean cuts, simple silhouettes and above knee skirts are thrown at us. I love that leather/PVC ish material that is used. But I am not sure what it is, but it is lovely. I love the color palette, very spring, but a bit too literal for my liking. I, however, do not like the shoes, I think they are not pretty at all. This collection is so clean, so minimal, so simple, but I know for a fact that it is extremely difficult to design simple. This collection does not really make my heart pump, but it is in ninth place in my heart just because Phoebe is back!


8. Balenciaga

Nicolas Ghesquière gave us a change. And I love it. I love the Rodarte'esque pattern and mix and match usage of different textures done in his own way. It has this modern and urban feeling to it. He pulled it off. I hate the models though. I am also not a big fan of the make up, but the shoes are to DIE for. I love the first few looks that consisted of fierce skinny pants and hoodies. They are wearable, fashionable, and quirky! The next series of randomly paletted dresses with the randomest colors are kind of queer at first glance, but after staring at it for a while (which was what I was doing all night), they became kind of pretty and interesting. I love the skirt in the centre picture. The striped textured sheer dress came in a series of different colors and sized stripes as well. The assymretically detailed dresses with draped leather at the end were mesmerizing! This is NOT street fashion. The craftsman ship and creativity and detailings in this collection is extraterrestial. Nicolas Ghesquière is a genius. He gave us a change, and boy he blew my mind!


7. Luella

Polka dots, bow ties, princess coats, Peter Pan collars, balloon skirts, padded hips, cute colors, my FAVORITE! This collection is so cute I just want to take all these clothes and hug them. Okay, that is creepy, but you get the idea. The pouffy and I would assume is is fluffy and soft white dress with the black polka dots is so cute, though not exactly flattering. I love the make up, the hair, the shoes and the accesories. This collection is so Luella, which is one of my favorite fashion houses. However, a bit of disappointment came my way as to Luella was always like this, there was nothing really new and BAM to this collection, but I still love it, because I love Luella!


6. Dries Van Noten

Although, like other designers, not really going for it all and trying to pounder in new territory, Dries Van Noten did what he did best: Prints, ethnic and, and, and, GORGEOUS necklaces. Those necklaces are beyond words, like, they are out of this world. The gemstones used were gorgeous and they complemented the garments so well. I am a big fan of color and prints so this collection was easily loved by me. I loved the tribal influences and the rich shades of blue, mustard yellow, electric green, and parisan red. The silhouettes and shapes of the garments are rather simple. The fabrics, prints and textures are doing the magic for this collection. I want that green jacket! If only Mr. Van Noten made one for men!


5. furfur

So beautiful, so messy, so many layerings. It looks like the closet exploded on the models and the pieces landed randomly on their body, and someone quickly whipped out their sewing kit and sewed it together. I love the set and the venue, it looks like my bedroom with all the clothes all over the floor. Ah, the smell of familiarity. The layerings of the colors, textures and shapes are just phenomenal. I look up to people who can do this. Using so much but making it seem all so "okay" and beautiful. I also love the hair and the make up so very much!


4. Rodarte

This season's Rodarte took a new direction. Much darker, and kind of villain-ish, compared to the usual princess, nude colored garments they used to make. This collection made me think of monsters, witches, you name it. I love the drawn on tattoos, I saw a video and that these models were drawn on with Sharpies! I bet they had fun washing them off. Rodarte is still Rodarte, the techniques used in making these dresses are pretty much still the same, but the materials had changed significantly from the usual lace, tulle and silk organza to leather, pvc, and other materials. I love the venue, these pictures do them no justice, the video footage shows that the room is completely covered in smoke and the models kind of just came out of nowhere, disappeared into nowhere, and came out of nowhere again. It is truly phenomenal! I love the new direction they are going, much more edgier and powerful.


3. Marni

Those grandma socks/shoes are fabulous, seriously, I smell a trend. I love Marni's use of grandma prints. The striped leggings are cute and flattering. They make your legs look longer. That sheer dress second from left is cute, and not too revealing. It is perfect for spring! I love the black neck collar piece in the centre dress, I would totally wear something like that. Also, the headband thing is so 90s, back in the day, everyone would leave house with a head band. FW09 exposed a trend of reliving the 80's, when are we going to relive the 90's?
Marni's girls are having fun, in a more mature way. Love. Love. Love!


2. Lanvin

Alber Elbaz is a genius. Enough said. He knows what a woman wants. He knows what a women looks good in. He knows what men want to see a woman in, and he puts all those together and created these mind blowing dresses. I love the draping, I love the volume, I love the romance, I love the colors, I love the textures, I love the elegance, I love the chic. Lanvin is so Paris, this collection, or any collections of Lanvin that Alber Elbaz created are the exact dictionary meaning of what a well dressed Paris woman would wear on a daily basis. Wearing the black blouse and skirt to walk her kid to school, buy groceries, wear the orange dress when going out with friends, wear the pink dress when attending a tea ceremony, wear the luxurious green dress when dining in a 5-star hotel with her husband and wearing the navy dress when having some alone time at Champ Elysse. Alber Elbaz clothes are made especially for women.


1. Comme Des Garcons

Rei is Rei, what more can I say. The Queen of Polka Dots has now taken on patchwork. This is how patchwork should be done. So effortlessly, so gorgeous, so strange. Those patchwork jackets are to die for, why aren't there any for men! The colors remind me of Mika Ninagawa, a Japanese photographer who uses a lot of rich and vivid colors especially red and orange. The centre polka dot maxi skirt is absoluetly stunning. I love how there is the element of patchwork incoporated into the skirt as well. Those shoes are so cute. The hair is well, very Rei. That jacket on the far right had me staring at it for a good 20 minutes. How in the world could someone make a pattern for a jacket like that. Assymetric, and protruding at the strangest location, but yet, it works so well. Those jackets are just so strange that they are so beautiful and out of this world.

I must once again say, I believe in Rei!


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